• Iris.Fall Has a New Trailer Along with a Slight Delay in its Release Date

    Creepy puzzles await you in Iris.Fall, the upcoming game from NEXT Studio (audio warning) and publisher Zodiac Interactive. Iris.Fall was originally slated to launch this month but has since been pushed back ever so slightly until December 7. That's not so bad, right? It's only a month away from release as of today.

    Today's news of the delay does come with a silver lining. A new trailer was released to show off a bit more of the game and its unique visual style.

    The trailer showcases Iris.Fallís blend of both 3D and 2D gameplay and its dark, vaudevillian visuals. The game features a mechanic that allows the player, as Iris, to switch between two worlds of shadow and light as she is led through a dilapidated theatre by a mysterious cat. The environments are filled with puzzles that stretch across both the physical and shadow realms. These challenges make the player carefully consider the ways the two worlds interact with each other to progress.

    It's noted that this shift in the release date will allow the studio some time to "polish and tune the final product to meet the developer's award-winning pedigree." I'm not really sure what awards the studio has won, but NEXT Studio's previous games include Death Coming, Silent Woods, Nishan Shaman, and more. The studio is located in China, so I'm assuming they may be a bit more popular in non-Western regions.

    Anyway, here's the trailer along with a bunch of new screenshots. Be sure to check out the game for yourself on Steam on December 7.

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