• Tripwire Interactive Filed DMCA Takedown Against 7 Days to Die

    Earlier this week, the Steam Greenlight page for 7 Days to Die, a zombie survival title by The Fun Pimps, issued a warning that a DMCA takedown notice was handed out against the game. Questions were raised as to who filed the request and why. It was confirmed yesterday evening that Tom "The Game Attorney" Buscaglia, acting on behalf of Tripwire Interactive, is the party responsible for issuing the DMCA takedown notice.

    Hey all. My name is Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney. I am an attorney that only represents independent game developers and have been doing so for about 20 years! I represent Tripwire Interactive and filed the DMCA notice on this video and the game. Here's the story...

    As many of you may know, Tripwire Interactive created the Killing Floor game. Last year some d*ck took their CLOT infected model from the SDK they include with KF and started selling it in the Unity asset store. Tripwire found out about it and Unity immediately pulled it, banned the seller and notified all purchasers that it was a stolen asset. Tripwire also contacted The Fun Pimp guys when this trailer was launched and told them the asset was stolen and could not be used. The Fun Pimp gang said it was only a placeholder and they would pull it. But to date, it was never pulled form the Game. After repeated attempts to get anyone at The Fun Pimp to respond, Tripwire finally turned the matter over to me, their pet pit bull lawyer, to get the asset out of the game and related videos.

    Tripwire before me and I have tried email and phone, but so far have not been able to get any sort of response. So, the DMCA notice here and elsewhere was the only way to get their attention. And, if that don't work, believe me, I have a bunch of real deal nastiness in my legal bag of tricks to make sure it gets done.

    It would only take them an hour or so to replace the model and edit the videos. But, so far, nothing. I don't much care for folks stealing from my client's games and Tripwire is appropriately aggressive about protecting their IP.

    I'm a gamer...that's how I ended up doing what I do. I love games and developers are my people. But, the guys at The Fun Pimp are not rookies and should know better. Their game looks really nice and a wish them all the soon as they stop using my client's IP!

    The offending material, at least the most apparent use, can be seen at around the 15 second mark of the game's trailer. It shows what looks like the Clot model from TWI's Killing Floor. A quick screen grab from the below trailer that shows the re-textured model can be found at the top of the page.

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      Lel, this clearly shows how easy many games can be made from recicled materials
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