• Valve Updates Dota Plus with Special Summer Update

    Back in March, Valve announced and released Dota Plus, a subscription service that they called an "evolution of the Majors Battle Pass." It featured a bunch of perks not available to non-subscribers but things kind of fell quiet for a number of months.

    Today, that silence was broken with today's update for Dota 2 that includes a special Summer update for Dota Plus subscribers.

    Changelog for Dota 2 and Dota Plus for July 11, 2018

    Dota Plus
    Added a new Summer Terrain
    Added a new Plus in-game prediction charm, grants you increasing amounts of shards for correct predictions in a row (10/20/30/40/50 for 1/2/3/4/5x, 50 for subsequent)
    Added a new feature to let Plus members spectate their friends' games live, seeing only what their friend's team can see. You can join in any time the game is ongoing.
    Added dozens of new Hero Quests
    Playing Turbo games now grants half the normal hero xp for wins/losses, rather than none.
    Added a new global Hero Trends page
    You can now purchase some Tools for shards in the Plus Rewards store.
    Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Plus guides to get stuck and not work.
    Improved the item/ability/lane suggestions
    Plus item suggestions now default to the first suggestion, with a button to examine alternatives.
    The full popular items list is now shown even when you have a specific sequence selected.
    Suggested items that have already been purchased are now greyed out, to improve readbility.
    Added the Plus Hero Badge to the Post Game screen.
    The Profile screen now shows your Plus Hero Badge and Relics

    General Changes
    Ranked Roles: Added a new type of report function that can be used during the picking phase for players that don't adhere to the selection they queued for. Does not consume normal reports.
    Trivia: Added a button that lets you disable playing trivia sounds automatically.
    Turbo: Added an ability that lets you toggle the couriers auto deliver behavior.
    Turbo: Courier will deliver gems and other shareable items picked up from your teammates.
    Ctrl-alt clicking HP bars now correctly messages raw HP/Mana values of the target to the rest of your team.
    Fixed a variety of consistency issues with alt-click modifier messages not being worded from the point of view of the person sending them.
    Fixed a bug that caused AFK abandons to be assesed earlier than intended in cases where the player was AFK during the pick phase and was forced to a random hero.
    Monkey King's Disguise now uses the correct bounty rune model for 5 minute runes.
    Minimap icons for Viper and Slardar have been updated to their remodeled verison.
    Enabled custom minimap icons for Primal Split Brewlings
    Added a custom minimap icon for Arc Warden's Tempest Double
    Refresher cast sound effect now audible to nearby teammates and enemies.
    Custom Games: Fixed the lobby list connection sort not working correctly
    Custom Games addoninfo.txt: "HeroGuidesSupported" setting is now defaulted to truebv
    Custom Games addoninfo.txt: Added a new setting "ShouldForceDefaultGuide" which will cause default_ files to be utilized (if none is defined it will use the default from the base game)
    Custom Games Lua API: Linked several missing modifier properties
    Custom Games Lua API: Added function "SetUseDefaultDOTARuneSpawnLogic" to let custom games opt into the current set of rune spawning rules (previously it was forcing usage of an older rule set )
    Custom Games Lua API: Added "SetPowerRuneSpawnInterval" and "SetBountyRuneSpawnInterval" functions to customize rune spawn intervals (works with either the current or backwards compatible ruleset of rune spawning)
    Custom Games Lua API: Added several functions for asking for basic stats on units on the server "GetBaseAttackRange", "GetStatusResistance", "GetEvasion", "GetSpellAmplification( bool bBaseOnly) "
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