• Valve Looking into "Better" Steam Spy Alternative

    In April of this year, Valve started to change up the privacy settings for all Steam users. By default, all Steam users had their game libraries set to private. As a side-effect of this move, this left services like Steam Spy having to close up shop as they could no longer provide accurate data for public consumption.

    Now, Valve says that they're personally working on an alternative to Steam Spy. Specifically, they're making "something better than Steam Spy." This information was shared by Valve's head of business development, Jan-Peter Ewert, in a presentation he gave at the Russian White Nights conference. Independent developer Michael Kuzmin asked if Valve plans to make features similar to Steam Spy available to devs that want to analyze the market.

    “Our general approach has always been to provide open APIs so that when we don't offer the amount of tools that we should, the community can step in,” as was the case with Steam Spy until the privacy changes. But he adds that Steam Spy “had a broad variance in how accurate it was. It was very accurate for some games, it was very inaccurate for some others.”

    He continues on to say that developers need "something better than Steam Spy." "We are very much working on new tools and new ways of getting data out of Steam, and we hope that data can be more accurate and more useful than what Steam Spy previously offered you," he added.

    Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin said that he's "looking forward to it."

    I think the big question on everyone's mind is whether or not this information will be made publicly available or if it's limited to developers only.

    (via PCGamesN)
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