• Killing Floor 2 2018 Summer Sideshow Event Starts Today

    The 2018 Summer Sideshow Event for Killing Floor 2 started earlier today on PC and consoles. This year, the action takes to the skies with the Treacherous Skies update. This event adds in new weapons, features, bosses, maps, and more. It also comes with a special discount for the game for the week through Steam along with a free weekend starting on June 14.


    New Map: Airship
    Help Lockhart reach his home island on the command airship by completing a series of increasingly challenging objectives
    New Community Map: Endless Lockdown
    Players can look forward to seeing this fan-made community favorite map officially available for the first time in KILLING FLOOR 2

    New Weapons
    M99 AMR Sniper Rifle for Sharpshooter
    Static Strikers for Berserker
    Doomstick for Support
    Goreshiv Survivalist Knife

    Weapon Upgrade System
    Upgrade any weapon!
    Players can now take any of their favorite weapons and make them viable for late-game play

    Prestige System
    Players can reset their perk after reaching perk level 25 to get exclusive weapon skin for their perk along with vault dosh rewards

    Mrs. Foster
    A totally new playable character DLC with her own voice which is localized in all supported languages
    English voice done by the talented Claudia Black!

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