• Sony Blocks Fortnite Cross-Play Between PS4 and Switch Players

    Sony continues to baffle and anger fans with their archaic multiplayer stances. The latest is that players on the newly released Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite will not be allowed to play with those on the PlayStation 4 version. Switch owners can, however, play with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile players.

    Even worse is the fact that players are now finding out that they cannot link their Epic accounts to the Switch version of the game if it's already been tied to their PSN accounts!

    You straight up need to make a new account if you, at any point, tied your Fortnite account to PSN. In the message, seen above, it straight up says that you should pretty much blame Sony and Sony alone for this massive screwing of the community.

    Both images via ResetERA

    That's right. If you try to remove your PSN account, your purchased items and progress will be forfeit anyway. Yikes. Meanwhile, Sony support is allegedly saying that the progression lockout is on Epic's end, not theirs.

    "I actually just spoke with Sony support over the phone and they said that there is no reason progression should be locked out on other consoles. Sony doesn't allow cross play, but the progression block seems to be on Epic's end."

    Well this sure is a massive clusterfuck, eh? Epic is blaming Sony. Sony seems to be blaming Epic. However, given Sony's stance on Minecraft cross-play (reminder: It's the same as their stance on Fortnite cross-play), I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say that they're to blame for this.

    Anyway, here is the launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch release of Fortnite.

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