• Battlefield V Women "Controversy" - DICE Tells Butthurt Men to Shut Up

    Ever since the Battlefield V reveal a couple of days ago, a bunch of men ignorant of a little thing called history decided to express their ignorance in the best way possible: On social media. They don't seem to realize that women have played important roles in most wars throughout history and World War II is no exception.

    Thankfully, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson knows his stuff and he's someone who stands by his game. Gabrielson took to Twitter today to essentially tell the ignorant masses to shut up and stop being stupid.

    Naturally, those same people that were huffing and puffing about women being included have taken to the replies in those tweets to show that they still don't care about things like "facts." Shh, nobody tell them about Medal of Honor: Underground either.

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    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      I came across this video which does a good job explaining the situation and validating the comments, people arn't wrong, and BF1 was in the same situation if not more so due to the time period, the key to this whole issue though is that BFV isn't trying to be historically accurate.
      The reveal trailer is obviously exaggerated with 100 explosions per second, soldiers showing zero fear, vehicles falling from the sky and the general palette being much more vibrant and saturated, but it's a change they expected people to just agree with instead of qualifying it in some way, for example...

      This seems like a game which isn't afraid to make fun of itself, have a bit of a laugh, not take things too seriously, but the new game is called Battlefield Five, not St Patricks Field.
    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      Double posting like a bamf.
      Failing to embed a video like a bamf.
    1. Shawn Zipay's Avatar
      Shawn Zipay -
      They're upset over the use of a prosthetic? Or about the face paint? Hey, maybe they're upset over a trailer that shows zero actual gameplay. All this despite nearly 30 minutes of Battlefield authority jackfrags giving a very clear picture of actual gameplay and saying it's nowhere near as fast as the trailer. Maybe they're upset because a sword/kitana is being used from a nationality that "shouldn't" be using it, despite this ALSO being a thing in previous games.

      Naw, the people complaining probably had no intention of getting the game in the first place. It's a fucking announcement trailer. These things are the same for most every game. Show over the top non-stop action that is usually pre-rendered all in the span of a minute for those with attention spans shorter than a gnat. A good deal of these complainers are the same sad, basement dwelling fucks that fling "sjw this" and "sjw that" because they've been mentally stunted for years. Fuck 'em.
    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      Personally the trailer put me off but not solely because of the trailer, i ran out of patience for Battlefield after a few weeks of BF4, BF1 was absolutely terrible, and the announced new gameplay features are designed to slow the game down or at least to make it feel more purposeful, while i won't know what effects these changes will have on the gameplay until i see it they don't sound like fun additions.
      Talking specifically of the trailer, in chronological order, i saw bullet penetration through buildings, yet another way to die without seeing the enemy, a really weird looking melee takedown, a building being immediately taken down by a tank, the bain of my BF career, extreme and instant building destruction, given how every player in the game usually has access to multiple explosive devices that sounds really annoying, the female character looks like the woman from Horizon Zero Dawn who i don't like looking at, tanks can now pull gun emplacements and players can use them while being pulled......... Airplanes are still around and given the lack of anti air missles in WW2 are probably really annoying as they were in BF1, there are so many explosions i can't see anything, which reminds me of the explosion spam in prior games that i'm very bored of, shooting the grenade out of the air is really dumb, hitting the plane with it is every more stupid, it kinda looked like it was going to crash anyway, V-1 Rocket..... even more ways to explode in BF, the guy isn't even being strangled at the end he's just sort of having his mouth covered by the enemy, which is really ineffective.
      It seems like a trailer designed to appeal to people who love being blown up.
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