• Mad Max Developer Reveals New RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer and Screens

    Avalanche Studios, the team that brought the world the Just Cause franchise and the 2015 Mad Max game, is the studio that has been working on RAGE 2 for Bethesda. With that said, the studio released the first gameplay trailer today and some may immediately pick up on how the game looks to blend elements of the initial Borderlands reveal, Doom, and... Bulletstorm?! Huh, well okay then...

    Mankind is in peril. In the decades following an asteroidís devastation, most of the earth has become an unforgiving wildland where bloodthirsty factions vie for control of precious resources. Pockets of civilization have emerged to claim their space in the world, but the tentative peace theyíve established is being threatened. RAGE 2 follows Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland, as he fights to survive the chaos of the dystopian world into which he was born. With a wide array of weapons, vehicles and strange powers, Walker sets off to take down the tyrannical Authority.

    RAGE 2 looks 2 combine id Software's FPS experience with Avalanche Studios' open-world expertise and some smattering of vehicle combat. Given Avalanche's history with games like Mad Max and Just Cause, I'm sure they have a pretty good grasp of that vehicle combat stuff.

    From the swamplands and jungles where enemies lurk among the dense foliage, to the open deserts where a passing car is more likely to mow you down than offer you a ride, the world of RAGE 2 is not a gentle, nurturing place. The people who have survived in this landscape have had to learn to protect themselves and keep their heads on a swivel, especially with the reemergence of a familiar menace.

    The rest of the details can be seen below or over at For now, let's take a look at that gameplay trailer and those screenshots. If you really want, be sure to check out yesterday's live-action RAGE 2 teaser. Also, there will be "a lot more" for RAGE 2 shown off during Bethesda's E3 showcase on Sunday, June 10 at 6:30PM (PT).

    As if the gangs and mutants arenít enough, Walker also has to contend with the Authority, returning antagonists from the first game who threaten anything good remaining in the world. Led by General Cross, the Authority is on a renewed mission to hunt down the few remaining pureblood Arkists left in the world, and Cross is willing to slaughter everyone to achieve his goals. Thatís where Walkerís wealth of unique guns and gear comes in Ė and heíll need every one of his powerful weapons to defend the wild wasteland he calls home.

    Walker, Vineland Ranger
    A Rangerís arsenal isnít limited to the abundance of upgradeable weapons and toys at their disposal. Fueled by Arkist blood, these elite fighters are the only people in the world who can harness special Nanotrite abilities. However, this blood has also made them a target for the Authority, and after years of fighting, Walker is the only Ranger still standing.

    Among the arrows he can choose from his Nanotrite ability quiver are the power to crush enemies into paste from above in a devastating slam attack or send them flying away from him with a lethal energy push. Walker will also learn to channel these Nanotrites into his weapons, pushing them into an awe-inspiring Overdrive, a unique skill that lets him push his guns beyond their limits and unleash absolute hell on his foes. Chain these abilities together to make Walker a powerhouse of destruction, quickly refilling his Overdrive meter. While in Overdrive, Walkerís guns do more damage, they gain new attributes, enemies drop better rewards and Walkerís health starts to regenerate. When timed correctly, Overdrive is more than enough to tip the scales in a tricky fight.
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