• Anamorphine Pushes Its Adventure to Late Q1 2018

    It's time for the unfortunate news of a game delay. The game in question is the "introspective adventure" game from Artifact 5, Anamorphine. Instead of releasing on January 16, the studio feels as though they needed more time to polish the game. At present, the game will now ship in "late Q1 2018" which places the release closer to the mid-March realm.

    A little bit of extra care always goes a long way. Weve been working on Anamorphine, our introspective adventure title, for quite some time now. Naturally, were excited to cross the finish line and let players experience the story of Tyler and Elena in full. As we draw near our intended launch date of January 16, weve decided that we need a few more weeks to polish Anamorphine. Thanks to all the members of our community for your patience.

    Anamorphine is slated to arrive later in Q1 for the PC (via Steam), HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR.

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