• Steam Hits New Record - Surpasses 18.5 Million Users Online at Once

    Yet again, Steam has hit another new milestone. The online distribution platform had over 18.5 million people logged in at one time yesterday. This is not only a new record for the platform, but it's a new record by a long shot. The previous record was a decent amount under 18 million people.

    The record was hit on Saturday, January 6 around 10AM (ET). Just a few months ago the top concurrent users logged in count was 15 million. It's seen a relatively steady increase of about a million additional users each month since.

    The exact peak found 18,528,722 people logged at once. Do keep in mind that not everyone had to be playing a game at that time, only logged into Steam. At the same time yesterday, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds reached a new peak player count of 3.17 million people. However, the game only managed to hit a paltry 3.03 million players today. Clearly, the game is dying.
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    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      I wonder how many thousands or maybe even millions are alternate player accounts, for people doing weird stuff like farming trading cards or other in-game item things.
    1. K-16's Avatar
      K-16 -
      I ask that same question for any mobile game that brags about its registered/active account numbers.
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