• Santa Set to Sleigh Some Fools in Fight of Gods

    Santa is set to take on Jesus and all other Gods today as he was just added as a playable fighter in Fight of Gods.

    This extra-special present, delivered free on Saint Nicholas' Day for every new and existing Fight of Gods player, sets up the scuffle of the season as the God Of Christmas does battle with the other God Of Christmas for the ultimate glory: complete ownership of the holiday.

    Forget logs on the fire and gifts on the tree: it's a Silent Night, Holy Fight in the North Pole, as Santa and his elves duel with Jesus Christ. Will Kris Kringle force a prickly crown of holly onto Jesus' head? Or will the Son of God thrust a deadly punishment fist straight into Santa's bulging sack?

    Santa Claus is the second free character to be added to Fight of Gods by indie developer Digital Crafter. Now that St Nick has dropkicked his way down the chimney, players will be able to slap their foes with candy canes, uppercut their quarry with Christmas trees and impale all the Naughty Gods with reindeer antlers using Santa's Special as the rosy, rotund holiday hero hops in his magical sleigh and charges into his opponent.

    Of course, Santa's best known for delivering presents, and his Fight of Gods incarnation is no different. Not only does he throw deadly gifts at others but he's also bringing another secret gift along for every player… though he's not at liberty to divulge what it contains or how it's unlocked. Players will need to figure out that mystery for themselves.

    Santa comes alongside his own new stage. There are also a few other changes to the game alongside the addition of the fat man. Fight of Gods is currently sitting at 20% off if you purchase the game through Steam. The sale ends on December 20.

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