• Top Ten Gaming Websites

    The introduction of the online platform caused the integration of new cultures in our lives, one of them being online gaming. In the yesteryears, one had to visit an arcade store or brick and mortar casino to indulge in their favorite games. Today, a person only needs to go online and enjoy these games such as Bet365 roulette while on the go or at their home. This indulgent can be enjoyed on desktop PCs and mobile devices alike. In this article, we will enumerate ten of the best websites that provide games in the online arena for the amusement of people across the globe.

    1. Uplay
      A product of Massive Entertainment, Uplay was launched back in 2009 and has since managed to stay at the top of the game provision business. However, the platform did not come with a console, which was launched later on in 2012. The site works to award gamers for the more they indulge in their games. This reward system incorporates the use of units, which the gamer can use to gain various prices that are awarded on all the fifty game variants on the site. The live chat option allows gamers to interact with others using the website and compete with each other in various games.

    2. stands as among the best websites because of its provision of hundreds of games for free. With new additions being made almost daily, it’s easy to see this gaming destination works to keep its clients entertained. The site has its head office based in Netherlands and boasts well over seventy-five million users, which is quite a large number in comparison to that of other sites. Most of games made available on the site have their apps available in nearly all mobile stores such as Windows, Apple, and Google stores.

    3. Nick
      This site is a development by the popular channel, Nickelodeon. The TV channel is best known for the provision of kids’ entertainment in its shows, cartoons, and music. Therefore, this gaming site is developed with the same target market in mind. The hundreds of games provided on the gaming site feature themes that are based on the channel’s shows. Some of their most popular productions include;

      ● Spongebob Square Pants: Lost Treasure
      ● Alvin and the Chipmunks: Music Match
      ● Bunsen is a Beast: The Beast Day Ever
      ● Sponge Bob: Fortune Teller
      ● Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadow Heroes, etc.

      These games can be enjoyed online or downloaded onto one’s phone or PC device.

    4. is home to some of the best online games that do not require to download to operate. They are developed with the use of HTML5 technology that allows them to run seamlessly without the use of a download version or the installation of Adobe Flash Player. The games are provided in numerous categories to suit different players, some of them including:

      ● Arcade – Fruit Cut Ninja, Flying Bubbles, Hamster Go Home
      ● Skill – Don’t Tap, Toss a Paper, Pirate Bay
      ● Casino – Three Cards Monte, Pocahontas Slots, Algerian Solitaire
      ● Girl – Nail Doctor, Take Me Out, Beauty Cat Salon

      These examples do not come with download versions and can only be enjoyed in instant play mode.

    5. Pogo
      Launched back in 1999 by Electronic Arts, is among the pioneers in the online gaming provision industry. So many years under its belt has allowed it to know how to feed its clients gaming demands and stand as one of the bigwigs in the gaming industry. The site offers just over one hundred games, which is quite a small number in comparison to those offered by other gaming bigwigs. Even so, these games are produced in top-notch quality that makes them all the more entertaining.

      The most outstanding aspect of the site is the fact that real money wagers can be placed on their games. They are made available in a no download version only and require the installation of a Flash Player to run smoothly.

    6. Yahoo!Games
      This website stood as among the best sites since 1998 when the Yahoo! website was also officially launched. It allowed its users to indulge in numerous games by themselves, and interact with others in the chat room provided. However, most of them were withdrawn by 2014, and the rest removed earlier this year. The firm stated that some security issues presented difficulty in running the main website and the gaming one concurrently.

    7. is popular among online gamers for the provision of a wide variety of games in various categories. Some of these game classes include;

      ● Cool games – Jewels of Arabia, Rally Racer
      ● Action games – Stickman Arcade
      ● Math games – True Love Calculator, Penalty Shooters, Touchdown Blast

      They are made available in both download and no download versions.

    8. Addicting Games
      Just like the name suggests, this site has managed to provide millions of its clients with exciting games that keep them playing for periods on end. The site has more than three thousand games to offer that are created to suit various target markets. The site remains at the top of the business due to its use of some of the best web designers in the industry.

      With one of the biggest gaming collections online, it is no wonder made this list. Additionally, the inclusion of a gambling club has worked well to appeal to gamers who are looking for real money play.

    10. Miniclip Games
      Miniclip stands as one of the few gaming sites that provide games that are specific to various operating system platforms among its many gaming categories. The provision of games specific to iOS, Android, and Windows OS systems are among the numerous reasons for its popularity.

    Try your hand at one of these sites for a great time gaming online. Ensure you establish your reason for gaming since not all offer real money play.
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