• EA Forces Revive Network to Stop Distributing Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield Heroes Game Clients

    Back in 2014, GameSpy shut down their online services for good. This affected far more games than you may have realized, including Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield Heroes.

    Without GameSpy, these games didn't have an easy way for anybody to play online. That's kind of a problem for games that are literally multiplayer only affairs. Since then, some user created mods popped up that aimed to replace the now defunct GameSpy. One of these mods was called Revive Network. Revive Network allowed those Battlefield owners to play online with random players in addition to the friends and communities they formed over the years. That sounds pretty great in the absence of any official replacement from EA.

    Oh, but here's the catch with this. Revive Network also allowed anybody to download the Battlefield game clients, regardless of if you actually purchased any of these games back in the day. Yeah, that's probably not a good thing to do without permission, even if the games are effectively dead and no longer being sold.

    What does EA do? Well, they stop Revive Network from distributing the game clients for these old Battlefield titles. Makes sense.

    The team at Revive Network were sent a legal notice by EA's lawyers. Below is the notice as it appears currently on the Revive Network website (including redactions).

    Dear [REDACTED],

    I write on behalf of Electronic Arts Inc. and its development studio DICE or, in other words, "those guys that make Battlefield."

    We've noticed that Revive Network has several projects and websites devoted to being a Medic by "reviving" older Battlefield games, including Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142. Its great to see your enthusiasm for these titles. Not to brag, but we too get the nostalgia chills when booting up these classic entries in the Battlefield franchise.

    We need a favor though: we must ask that you stop throwing down Ammo Crates. In other, more legal-styled terms, please stop distributing copies of our game clients and using our trademarks, logos, and artwork on your sites. Thing is, your websites may easily mislead visitors to believe that you are associated or affiliated with EA - we're the only ones that get to wear the "Official EA" dog tag. Since you're Battlefield community members, we know that you are smart and helpful, and will respect that we must protect our intellectual property rights in the franchise.

    Please drop us a line to let us know you're on board with this. Should you have any questions regarding all this, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at [REDACTED]


    IP Counsel
    Electronic Arts Inc.

    From my understanding, the Revive Network launcher and its servers are still free to operate as normal. This means that they are more than welcome to keep the multiplayer for these old Battlefield games alive. They just can't, you know, freely give out entire game clients and infringe on the IPs like they were.
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    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      Well that's a nicer way to go about it, but still that message registers at about 195 on the cringe-o-meter.
    1. Thortok2000's Avatar
      Thortok2000 -
      Why the cringe?

      This seems about the nicest cease and desist letter I've ever seen.
    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      I agree, but i'm going to have to ask you to stop throwing down ammo crates or whatever it is you kids do these days, sharing thermal clips?...... Going into overwatch?..... Dabbing?
    1. K-16's Avatar
      K-16 -
      I'll take cringeworthy cheesy over very ****ing threatening cease and desist letters any day. These guys are surprisingly tolerant. Like, damn... Very tolerant. I can agree to these flexible terms. Reply back politely and stop distributing clients. Can't increase the player base, but at least you can keep those who are already in it going.

      (I know they're dead games, but most prefer to stop it anyway for the sake of "who knows if we'll do it ourselves in the future as a remake or something" kind of thing. Kind of like NOLF, where nobody wants to use the IP, but they won't let anyone touch it either for the sake of "nice to have around for the future." And by "they", I mean whoever has the IP, because even "they" aren't entirely sure without going to storage and checking the physical legal documents.)
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