• F2P Fighter Brawlhalla Launches on PS4 and PC on October 17

    Currently sitting at more than 7 million players in its Early Access state, the free-to-play "platform fighter" Brawlhalla will be officially released on October 17 for the PC and PlayStation 4. One day later on the 18th we will see the release of the Corsair, a new Legend added to the roster.

    The corsair is a momentous Legend release, as she brings with her the cannon, a massive new weapon type great for bludgeoning foes or blasting them.

    In Brawlhalla, the greatest fighters throughout history battle for supremacy in the Grand Tournament of Valhalla. Each of Brawlhalla's 34 Legends possesses their own abilities and a distinct combination of two weapons, providing every player thirsty for glory options suited to their playstyle.

    Warriors can show off their might in a variety of online and offline game modes including ranked queues, free-for-all competitions supporting up to eight players, 1v1 and 2v2 matches, Bomsketball, Brawlball, Snowbrawl and other game modes. When PS4-PC cross-play becomes available, all warriors will be able to compete against one another whether their preferred weapon is PS4 or PC.

    At release, Brawlhalla will continue to be a F2P title. However, you can optionally purchase the All Legends Pack via Steam or the Founder's Pack on PlayStation Network for $19.99 (USD). Purchasing either of these will grant you instant access to the entire character roster, including all future character additions.

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