• PUBG Surpasses 2 Million Concurrent Players

    Yo, Fortnite, it's good and all that you hit 10 million non-current players on a F2P game that is out on four separate platforms, but PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has hit 2 million concurrent players on just one platform (PC).

    Brandon "PlayerUnknown" Greene shared the exciting news earlier today via Twitter. From the looks of things, the peak today for PUBG was 2,016,498 players. The game with the second highest peak today was Dota 2 at just 622,839 players.

    What makes this especially significant is that this peak for PUBG happened during a weekday and nowhere near the typical peak of concurrent Steam users, which typically happens on the weekend. Today's peak of about 13.8M Steam users is a bit over 2 million users fewer than the peak was this past weekend. Wrap your head around that and realize that 2 million for PUBG is probably just the tip of the iceberg.
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      marco -
      PUBG’s playerbase has already hit its all-time peak and has fewer players every day while Fortnite is still gaining more active players every day.
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