• The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer

    The Evil Within 2 is out in just two days on Friday the 13th. So naturally, we now have a launch trailer and some last-minute game blurb to share with you.

    In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian Castellanos must once again confront unspeakable horrors within the nightmare born from the infamous STEM. This time, however, Sebastianís mission is personal: Heís searching for his daughter Lily, who he thought he had lost many years ago, and itís now a race against time as the world crumbles around him. Sebastian must rescue Lily before everything falls apart and they are both lost in STEM.

    But itís not just the grotesque creatures that freely wander the streets of Union that Sebastien must face in him hunt to find LilyÖ STEM is a world that can be bent and broken to the will of a few particularly deranged individuals. And the real horror may be the human monsters trapped inside, with the twisted photographer Stefano and the Ďrighteousí priest Theodore both intent on warping the weakened system to their will.

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