• Watch 8 Minutes of Matterfall Gameplay

    Housemarque has a new shooter coming out and they're showing off eight minutes of gameplay for it today. Matterfall will launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on August 15 and is, you guessed it, another twin-stick shooter.

    Matterfall, coming to PS4 on August 15th, is a slick twin-stick side-scroller that transports you to the towering vertical cities of a distant future. You’ll need to suit up and fight for control of the mysterious “smart matter” that is over-running your world and giving rise to hordes of matter-infected enemies. Cue thumb cramps and massive explosions.

    To get a closer look at exactly how the studio’s latest offering works, we grabbed Senior Level Designer Jari Hokkanen at E3 last month to take us through a full level playthrough, including a fearsome boss fight.

    You can pre-order the game for $19.99 (USD) from the PlayStation Store.

    (via PlayStation Blog)
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