• LawBreakers Dev Gives Worst Excuse Ever Heard for Not Porting Game to Switch

    Sure, we've heard already that the Switch just isn't powerful enough to run the latest and greatest titles at adequate resolutions, with adequate framerates, or without making significant cuts to other aspects of the game's visuals. That's all well and good and in many cases it's a perfectly valid excuse.

    Then we have Dan Nanni, the Lead Designer for LawBreakers coming along and giving us what could possibly be the worst excuse I've ever heard for why they aren't currently looking at bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch.

    This interview comes to us courtesy of GamingBolt. I'll do you a solid and make bold the key parts here.

    Lawbreakers isnít coming to the Nintendo Switch.
    We havenít announced that yet! Who knows? (Laughs)

    But if Nintendo Switch sells well do you think thereís a possibility?
    Thereís a possibility for everything and anything in this world. I think the hardest part with the Switch is the controls. Look at the game that we have right now, and we just literally by the skin of our teeth put the entire game and the control pad that the PlayStation has. That means that we could probably make it work for the Xbox One in someway, right? But if youíre looking at the Switch the base controller thatís on the unit, it doesnít have as many buttons.

    Let's just ignore the SL/SR buttons for now and assume they're not usable because they're attached to the Joy-Con Grip or even directly to the Switch itself. That still leaves you with four buttons on the left D-pad, two analog sticks (both of which you can click in for two extra functions), L/R buttons on the top, ZL/ZR buttons on top-back, +/- buttons, and the A/B/X/Y buttons. That's at least 18 buttons of functionality there. The Xbox One controller? It also has 18 buttons.

    You even have optional motion controls that you could tack functionality onto. Though according to Nanni and the LawBreakers' team, the moment you add in motion control functionality "youíre not looking at your screen anymore while youíre playing." Who looks down at their controller when making hand motions? That's almost as bad as the excuse about a lack of buttons on the controller.

    Look, if you don't want to bring a game to the Switch, just say so. But don't give some bullshit excuse that can be easily disproved the moment the remarks are made public.
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      As strange as it seems, there are actually people working in game development who have a limited knowledge of the industry as a whole.
      My passion is to vacuum up as much information and news as possible in and around the industry, but the people involved often have their heads so buried in their own projects that they don't see what else is happening.
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