• BioWare Takes Issue with Fans Attacking Staff After False News Reports

    It has certainly been one hell of a week for BioWare. First, Mass Effect: Andromeda released to Origin Access and EA Access. Naturally, a number of gifs popped up that showcased some of the interesting bugs or lackluster character animations, namely facial expressions.

    I mean, the animations are what they are. Yes, some of the animations are lacking, or out of place, or even broken in some cases. People are free to make fun of them as much as they like but one thing that you shouldn't do is attack any employee because the animations aren't up to your standards. In fact, it doesn't even need to be the animations that aren't up to your standards, it can be any aspect of the game. If you don't like something about a game, you shouldn't attack individuals because of it.

    Unfortunately, that seems to be precisely what happened here. BioWare sent out a Tweet that condemned the actions of some individuals. These persons seem to have taken it upon themselves to harass a "former EA employee" that had identified themselves as the "Lead Facial Animator" for Mass Effect: Andromeda. This rumor seems to have gained some momentum from some media outlets that took it upon themselves to spread the rumor to their fans. Needless to say, those actions got the hate snowball rolling.

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