• AMD and Nvidia Hosting Special Events on February 28

    First, AMD announced a special "Capsaicin & Cream" event for February 28. This GDC event will be live-streamed to the world. It is expected that they will at least briefly mention their upcoming Ryzen CPUs (rumored to start going on sale in early March) and their upcoming Vega GPUs (rumored for Spring).

    This year at GDC, join us on the 28th for our Capsaicin livestream and our Cream developer sessions insightful and inspiring talks focused on rendering ideas and new paths forward, driven by game industry gurus from multiple companies including Epic and Unity.

    The Capsaicin livestream kicks off at 10:30 AM from Ruby Skye, a feature-packed show highlighting the hottest new graphics and VR technologies propelling the games industry forward. The Cream Developer Sessions will start shortly after at 2:30 PM, with a special talk featuring Unity and Epic.

    AMD has separate GDC sessions in which they will talk specifically about Vega and Ryzen with developers.

    Not to be outdone, Nvidia announced their own event, also for February 28. Their particular event is slated for 7PM in San Francisco. Consumers are hopeful that they will finally talk about their Ti lineup for the 1080 and other 10xx cards. Of course, with Vega not coming out until later in Spring, Nvidia might continue to sit on their 1080Ti announcement.

    Come join us for an evening of awesome PC gaming, hardware, tournaments and of course free food, drinks and a few other amazing surprises.

    Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the event will start promptly at 7 PM.

    The celebration will take place in downtown San Francisco, CA.

    There is no mention about whether or not any of this event will be streamed. This one seems more like a party than an actual announcement event though. From the looks of their sessions, nothing really stands out as a big announcement type deal. These are all focused on informative or learning sessions for developers.
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