• Porn Site Vows to Support PlayStation 4

    Could the support of a porn site really help sway people to use one console instead of another? Maybe. I'd like to believe that wouldn't be the case, but you never know. So perhaps it is in Sony's favor that porn site, Pornhub (I'm not going to link to it), has offered up their endorsement for the PlayStation 4 (Teehee... Play...Station).

    VHS vs. Betamax; HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray – the one thing both of these competitions have in common is that the winner was officially backed by the ever evolving porn industry. Now, it seems that could potentially be the case for the PS4.

    The next-gen console war has officially begun, and it looks like Sony’s powerhouse system has a leg up in the form of an official endorsement from Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment.

    With Pornhub’s announcement that they’ll be supporting the PS4 on the system’s browsing capabilities, the console is sure to slip right into the backdoor of success within the hearts and minds of gamers looking to get a little more “hands-on” fun in their spare time.

    Yes, that is the actual press release I have sitting in my Inbox right now. There you have it. If you really like porn and absolutely need to get it everywhere (and somehow don't have access to a computer), may as well drop trou and watch some porn on your big screen TV connected to the PlayStation 4 in your living room. So take that, Xbone (Teehee... bone)!
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      That would be tits.
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