• Final Fantasy XIII is Coming to Steam

    Granted, while the Final Fantasy XIII series of games may not be the best out there, the fact that it's coming to Steam is actually huge news here. This could very well mark the beginning of other current and future Final Fantasy games appearing on PC and perhaps coming the same day and date as the console counter-parts. Keep those fingers crossed.

    The first game coming to PC is Final Fantasy XIII for just $15.99 (USD) or $14.39 if you pre-order before October 9. Coincidentally, the game comes out on October 9.

    The game will be available to download via the Square Enix online store and the Steam PC digital service (amongst others), priced at 10.99/12.99. The game is available to pre-order now via the Square Enix Store and Steam, with those pre-ordering receiving 10% off. It is also confirmed that the FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy will offer a set of Steam Trading Cards for players to collect and exchange.

    On its original console release in 2010, FINAL FANTASY XIII marked the dawning of a new era for the celebrated series, bringing the game to multiple hi-definition consoles simultaneously for the first time in its history. The original game and subsequent adventures in the FINAL FANTASY XIII trilogy will soon be available for PC gamers to play for the very first time, with all games in the series due for release by Spring 2015.
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    1. cikame's Avatar
      cikame -
      I actually decided to play all the ff13 games through a few months ago, slowly been making my way through it, beat the first game, nearing the end of the 2nd so i won't be playing those again on pc, but i'll probably play lightning returns on here depending on how stable it is.

      I bet these games looks great on pc.
    1. stilla-killa's Avatar
      stilla-killa -
      Just bought FF7 on Steam yesterday. Wanting to start with it and work my way to 13. I hope they bring 9 to Steam as well.
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