• Valve Brings Cohesive Game Soundtrack Integration to Steam Music

    A new update for Steam Music has been rolled out that will bring a more cohesive experience to your music listening. If you purchased or own any game soundtrack and still have that game installed through Steam, the soundtrack will now automatically be added to your Steam Music Library.

    This is just one of the new features and changes in the latest Steam beta client update that was pushed out a short time ago today. The full list of changes can be found below.

    Changelog for the Steam beta client update for September 3, 2014
    • Fix regression that prevented public sharing of screenshots of non-Steam games
    • Fix install from retail disk for games with more than 4 DVDs, to use the data from all disks
    • Fix game banners not appearing in offline mode in grid view
    • Fix hang in grid view when hitting enter with no game selected
    • Allow Family View recovery email address to be specified in Big Picture Family View setup
    • Add "I forgot my PIN" link to Family View unlock dialogs if a recovery email has been set
    • Fix warning sound playing when unlocking Family View in desktop mode
    • Fix permissions issue preventing developers from uploading Workshop items to an app using the ISteamUGC interface, if they only had an auto-grant license for the app
    • Fix a rare crash on startup
    • Reduced energy usage when running in the background

    In-Home Streaming
    • Added support for AMD VCE hardware encoding of D3D games. This is supported with the latest AMD drivers on the following video cards: Radeon HD 79xx, Radeon HD 78xx, Radeon HD 77xx, R9 295x, R9 290x/290, R9 280x/280, R9 270x/270, R7 265, R7 260x/260, R7 250x. To enable it, go to the remote computer and enable hardware encoding in the advanced host options.
    • Added support for NVIDIA ShadowPlay, which enables hardware accelerated OpenGL capture. To enable it, go to the remote computer, enable ShadowPlay in the GeForce Experience and go to Steam and enable hardware encoding in the advanced host options.
    • Added support for streaming from Linux hosts

    Steam Music Beta
    • Scanning for music inside Steam directories
    • Music Queue is persistent between sessions, and gets loaded after a restart of Steam
    • Fixing crash during scanning, when the artist name is the empty string
    • User interface improvements
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