• Battlefield 4 on Xbox One Utilizes Kinect for Leaning, Peeking, and Voice Commands

    The Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 will feature a few unique gameplay features courtesy of Kinect. Most notably, it will make use of head-tracking to allow you to lean out and peak simply by moving your head while playing.

    This removes the problem of having to strafe out from behind cover, which completely exposes your body to attack. Leaning out from a corner will now only expose half of your body, which obviously offers a tactical advantage for those making use of the technology.

    Beyond that, another game changer will be the implementation of voice commands. Use your own voice to call for a medic, request ammo, or request rides without having to hit a separate button. It is unclear if this voice command functionality will merely be your voice talking or if it will translate into streamlining through voice the context sensitive situations already found in the game (IE: If you verbally call for a medic, your in-game character will then request a medic and include the icon on the map that allows medics to find you more easily).
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    1. Thortok2000's Avatar
      Thortok2000 -
      The leaning and peeking is easy, just ADS in the appropriate spots. You also have voice comm in the game already.

      I suppose leaning without ADS is something new but seriously, all of this is in the PC version anyway...
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