• Final Stand DLC Delayed for Battlefield 4

    EA announced that the final DLC release for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, has been delayed. The DLC will now be released during EA's third fiscal quarter, which places the release between October and December of this year. The news comes from EA's Q1 2015 earnings call.

    Many speculate that the delay is being made in order to fill the gaping void left from the delay of Battlefield Hardline to 2015. Hopefully that isn't the real reason for the delay but so far no actual reason has been given for the delay, only speculation.

    Final Stand was originally slated to be released this Summer.
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    1. stilla-killa's Avatar
      stilla-killa -
      It seems most games are being delayed.
    1. CptainCrunch's Avatar
      CptainCrunch -
      I think it is the reason.

      Its OK though. BF4 has so many maps now and HOPEFULLY this will give CTE time to catch up and release some of the nice changes and fixes into the main game prior to Final Stand, which gives DICE LA time to adjust those changes to the CTE changes.

      So I think it can be good all around.
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