• Sony in Talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct Metal Gear Solid Film

    Sony, for whatever terrible reason, is still pushing forward with their idea to make a live-action Metal Gear Solid film. They are now in early talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to serve as Director for the film.

    Vogt-Roberts is perhaps best known for his film The Kings of Summer. Before that, he directed such amazing hits as Mash Up (TV movie), Single Dads (TV series), and Successful Alcoholics (Short). You know, big time blockbusters.

    Avi Arad (X-Men, Iron Man) is slated to serve as Producer on the project. The process of creating a live-action film based on Metal Gear Solid has been a long one since the game creators (Konami and Hideo Kojima) and the movie studio took a while to get "on the same page" on how to tell the story of Solid Snake.

    No matter what, I'm sure this film will fail to live up to any Metal Gear fan's expectations, including this one.

    (via Deadline)
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