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  1. The Post About JonTron Being Racist and Colin Moriarty Being Sexist

    Recently, JonTron went in hard on supporting racist sentiments that culminated in him making incredibly racist and xenophobic remarks last night on Destiny's Twitch stream. We also have Colin Moriarty, the now former employee and co-founder of Kinda Funny Games, who "resigned" from the company following a series of politically ignorant and sexist remarks on Twitter these past few months. Moriarty's fate seemed sealed after a particularly sexist Twitter comment was met with some rather substantial and deserved backlash. Remember that he posted this on International Women's Day, a yearly event that celebrates women's rights movements. ...
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  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Microtransactions are Disgusting

    Yesterday, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was released to the public. It didn't take long at all to notice that the game also included a handy "Shop" button right on the main menu of the game.

    Opening it revealed microtransactions that allow players to spend real money in order to buy in-game items such as Praxis Kits (used to gain new abilities) and the in-game currency. Frankly, it's pretty damn disgusting to see this. There is no reason why there should have been any microtransactions included in the game.

    Yes, the argument will undoubtedly be ...
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  3. Looking Ahead: 2016's Most Anticipated Video Games

    2015 is dead and over with. Hell, we're already a month deep into 2016 at this point. Even still, we have about 11 months of game releases to look forward to. What better time than right now to put up a quick entry about what games I'm looking forward to in 2016? These all aren't games that I'm like dying to play. These are a mix of games that I'm super excited to play and also some that I'm merely interested in seeing how they turn out for one reason or another.

    Just for the hell of it, I'll even include the games that came out in January since I'm so terribly slow on this sort of thing. The ...
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  4. Best of Gaming in 2015

    A funny thing happened the other day. I had a nicely compiled list of "best of" items for 2015 in an Excel sheet. Problem is, I made that Excel sheet back in November and only planned to adjust it a bit just prior to writing up my article, the thing you're reading right now. Well, it disappeared. I don't know where it went.

    So, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to half-ass the hell out of this. I'm going to simply make a list of games I enjoyed throughout the year based on their release month. That is literally the only order you will see here until the end where I give my grand "game of the year" paragraph ...
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  5. Biggest Video Game Disappointments 2015

    Other potential titles…
    Video Games are Dead – True but too dramatic
    Gamers are Dead - Too 2014
    Fuck Video Games – Hmm…
    LOL VIDEO GAMES – So close

    Video games in 2015 felt like a huge bag of mediocrity and disappointment, at least in my quiet opinion. Games that tacked on another entry in some of my favorite franchises under delivered on multiple fronts, while many new franchises just became instantly forgettable. In fact, I would be willing to go so far as to say that the promises and reveals made in 2015 were far more amazing than the actual game releases themselves were.

    What we have ...
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