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  1. It's Almost 2018 and TGN is Still Around

    It's roughly three hours til midnight as I write this and while I would like to say I have some magical insight into what the next year brings both for myself and for Total Gaming Network, I can't.

    In fact, this probably won't be too long of an update at all as I really cannot think of what all to talk about. In 2017 it feels as though I did not accomplish anywhere near what I would have liked with the site. While I said a while back that I would be phasing out TGN news in favor of more opinion type pieces, that obviously did not come to pass. A number of you mentioned that you enjoy the news postings and would be sad to see them ...
  2. Excuses

    It's been a few weeks since I wrote up a new "This Week in Review" feature for the site.

    I suppose maybe I owe you a bit of an explanation? Maybe "owe" is a bit too strong since this does involve my personal life and usually what is posted here has nothing to do with my personal life, but I digress.

    It's been a rather rough few weeks years for me. I've basically been suffering from depression for years now, which I was generally able to "cope" with without any help. But then I started to get anxiety attacks more and more frequently. To those that suffer from them, you know that anxiety ...
  3. Let's Play Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time - Part 1

    I finally had the time to sit down and continue playing through Life is Strange. This is the first part for Episode 2, Out of Time. I hope to have the other already recorded but not yet edited parts for Episode 2 up some time throughout the rest of this week.

  4. Let's Play Resident Evil HD Remaster - Part 6 - Super Bowl Sharks

    This episode is all about sharks, but not the awesome Super Bowl sharks. I lied in the title.

    Not that too many of you actually watch my videos, but part 7 will be up on Wednesday (February 18). Part 8 should be up on Friday (February 20).
  5. Life is Strange - Episode 1 Finale

    Welcome back for the final part to the first episode of Life is Strange. This is the third and final part for Chrysalis, the first of five planned episodes for the game. If you liked what you've watch, be sure to check out the game for yourself! Also, be sure to come back in March for Episode 2.

    Welcome back to Life is Strange. This is the finale of Episode 1: Chrysalis. As with most adventure games, I will read the on screen text and keep quiet during cutscenes.

    Life is Strange is a new episodic adventure game developed by Dontnod and published by Square
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