View Full Version : Stormblood Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Revealed

Shawn Zipay
10-17-2016, 11:09 AM
Square Enix showed off a bit of their next Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood (http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/stormblood/). Aside from having a metal as hell name, Stormblood will bump the level cap to 70, add in new areas, new quests, and more. It is currently expected to see the light of day next Summer, so you've still got a bit of time.

To whet your appetite a bit, a teaser trailer can be seen below.

Making its world debut, the Stormblood teaser trailer showcases the Warrior of Light honing his new skills during a high-octane sparring match with a mysterious woman clad in red atop a colossal stone statue, while resistance fighters prepare for battle below. The new expansion will include new jobs; an increased level cap up to level 70; sprawling new areas to explore; a revamped battle system; and all-new dungeons, raids, and alliance battle content.


The release of Stormblood will also mark the end of the PlayStation 3 support of Final Fantasy XIV. There will be a free upgrade service to move to the PlayStation 4 version to continue playing.

Expect to see more information on Stormblood during the Tokyo Fan Festival from December 24-25 and at the European Fan Festival slated for February 18-19, 2017.