View Full Version : Everspace Hits Xbox One Game Preview Today

Shawn Zipay
09-23-2016, 02:49 PM
Already out on Steam Early Access, the space combat with a heavy dose of rogue-like, Everspace, is now available on the Xbox One Game Preview program. It will hit the Windows 10 Store later this month and will be the first ID@Xbox game to utilize the Play Anywhere program. This means that the game will feature cross-saves between Windows 10 and Xbox One. It also means you just have to pay once.

The fast-paced roguelike space shooter launched on Steam last week and a month earlier than initially estimated during its wildly successful Kickstarter. It made it to the top sellers in no time fueled by above 90% positive reviews. In spite of its unfinished state of development, EVERSPACE received high praise for its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, intuitive controls and overall polish from gamers, influencers and the gaming press alike.

"When demoing EVERSPACE at the Xbox booth at E3, Gamescom, NerdHQ, Insomnia and the Microsoft Pre-Pax event, it got great feedback from anyone and it clearly didn't disappoint at its release on PC last week," said Chris Charla, Director ID@Xbox at Microsoft. "We are super excited to bring it to Xbox One and Windows 10 through Game Preview, even more being the first ID@Xbox title to support Play Anywhere."

For the launch, an all-new boss fight, some voice-acted dialogs, a new planet type, additional Outlaw stations as well as many interface and gameplay tweaks have been added. Further additions and improvements feature most requested options like turning off v-sync, more granular graphic settings, and improved support for ultra-wide monitors. In the coming months, two additional player ships will be added: The Colonial Scout, much smaller than the current Colonial Interceptor, will feature extreme maneuverability, a higher top speed but a weaker hull. It comes with a cloaking device and sniper weapons as starting gear. The upcoming Colonial Gunship will be the slowest of the three space ships but will compensate through a much stronger hull and an upgradable turret on top.

The full game is slated for release in early 2017. It will include full voice-acting, a Hardcore Mode, and VR support. It will retail for $39.99 (USD) once the full release is out, so be sure to pick it up now during the Game Preview/Early Access phase to get it for $29.99.