View Full Version : The Battle of Odessen Released for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Shawn Zipay
08-11-2016, 06:53 PM
BioWare and Lucasfilm released the final chapter in the episodic story for Star Wars: the Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire today. The content, available for all Old Republic subscribers, The Battle of Odessen, will find players confronting Arcann and his fleet.

Against all odds, players must risk everything for the chance to defeat Arcann and the Eternal Empire once and for all.

Star Wars: The Old Republic also introduces new gameplay experiences with this chapter:

• New Battler Cartel Market Pack: Inspired by the climactic new chapter, this pack contains a variety of new items which may include never-before-seen gear, like the Ruthless Scion Armor and ISO Droid Companion!
• New Guss Companion Alliance Mission: Recruit the wily Mon Calamari scoundrel, Guss Tuno, as your Companion. When the Alliance receives a lead on the identity of a potential new recruit, the Outlander’s search unveils the most unlikely Jedi candidate – serving as apprentice under a man of questionable character.

Coming this Fall, the Outlander story will continue in a new expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne (http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20160715).