View Full Version : Armoured Gear Teaser: The Calm Before The War

09-03-2008, 07:11 PM
This is a New Teaser for the BF2 Machinima Armoured Gear. The teaser is entitled The Calm Before The War, as you will soon realise this is not an action packed trailer, it is meerly a taster of what we have in store for the future.

If your wondering why we have released a new teaser so close to releasing the previous teaser, here's why: As many of you know the holidays are over which means we are back at work, which in turn means production time is going to drop. So we are releasing this teaser to put you on until we can release some better material which we foresee as being a long time as of now.

There are a few options available in which you can watch this video:

Watch Higher Definition Version (Vimeo)
Watch Now (http://vimeo.com/1661446)

Watch Lower Definition Version (Youtube)
Watch Now (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlWeK1VcP1M)

Download Higher Definition Version (FileFront)
Download Now (http://files.filefront.com/Calm+Before+War+teaserzip/;11695009;/fileinfo.html)