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Be One with the Zombie in Latest Dying Light Trailer


  • Be One with the Zombie in Latest Dying Light Trailer

    It looks as though Dying Light will feature some asymmetrical multiplayer for players to partake in, where someone will get to be a powerful undead with upgradable abilities.

    There's a terrible catch to all of this, though. The "Be the Zombie" multiplayer mode is only part of the pre-purchase offer for the game. It seems as though if you don't pre-purchase the game, you won't be able to play this mode, at least not at launch.

    That's terrible.

    • CptainCrunch
      CptainCrunch commented
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      That is very terrible.

      You want a game mode to die? You do that to it.

    • jimykx
      jimykx commented
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      I feel like this specific mode ruins the whole game for me? Not because I can't play it if I don't preorder, but because it just seems like so out of place with the flying teleporting super powerful purple zombie going around
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